How to Secure Your Bazel Application

Debricked finally supports Bazel
Debricked finally supports Bazel

At Debricked, we are on a constant journey to supporting as many languages and frameworks as possible in order to stay up to date and flexible. 

We are happy to announce that it is now possible to secure projects built using Bazel! Users can now identify, prioritize and manage vulnerabilities; while maintaining a smooth workflow.

Bazel is a widely used framework due to its quality and broad language support. We always say that the best security tool is the one that is actually being used, and therefore our goal is to make sure that Debricked can be at your service whichever tool or language you choose to work in.

The Debricked tool allows you to:

  • Get suggested fixes by updating dependency definitions in your WORKSPACE file or wherever else you define your dependencies, e.g. your Maven pom.xml file or your Gopkg.lock’ (or elsewhere)
  • Identify indirect dependencies and which direct dependency they correspond to, to ensure everything introduced to your code is secure

How to find vulnerabilities in Bazel projects with Debricked

  • Choose the system you want to integrate to, for example GitHub.
  • Click “only select repositories” and choose the repository in which your Bazel project lives.
  • Click “scan” and see the results, as well as suggested fixes for any vulnerabilities found.
  • For more information on how to get started with Debricked, visit our Knowledgebase.

We support a wide variety of languages and frameworks, and we are constantly making efforts to ensure that we keep the list growing while maintaining a high data quality.

Are you not using Debricked yet? Start your free trial today!

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