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Automate the process of managing vulnerabilities in open source dependencies. Continuously identify, prevent and fix vulnerabilities with a few simple clicks.

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An unclouded view

Integrate, scan and receive your first results within minutes. Get a full overview of all open source vulnerabilities in your software



Secure your space

Solving vulnerabilities has never been easier. Generate automated pull requests for fixes and watch your vulnerabilities disappear into thin air.

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Keep vulnerabilities lightyears away

Automatically keep new vulnerabilities from entering your codebase by customizing your very own rules and policies.


Your journey begins here

With just a few clicks you can get full access to the debricked toolkit. Integrate and get your first results within minutes.

Explore the vulnerability database

Venture out into the world’s most complete and well curated database of open source vulnerabilities.


Useful resources

Learn more about best practices, new findings and industry news.

What is a security threat by Debricked

What is a security threat?

The terms threat, vulnerability and weakness are often used in cybersecurity. Understanding the difference between these terms is important.

What is a security threat by debricked

Software Composition Analysis

The importance of software composition analysis has grown year over year along with the increased adoption of open source software.

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