# GitHub

With our issue integration to GitHub our GitHub bot will automatically create GitHub issues for you whenenver you have a new vulnerability or take certain actions on your projects’ vulnerabilities.

  • Start by installing our GitHub app, see instructions for the CI integration.
  • Head over to the service settings page as a company admin.
  • Click on the Integrations tab
  • Expand the CI (Continuous Integration) systems accordion
  • Enter any labels, comma separated, you want to add to created issues.
  • You can specify to create issues only for selected products which have one or more of the tags specified. By default issues are created when any product/repository associatedwith your GitHub account/organisation receives a (new) vulnerability.
  • Specify which action(s) should trigger a issue to be created/updated. For each triggering action you can specify to add specific labels, these labels are then removed wheneveranother action is triggered (if multiple triggers are configured).

See image for an example configuration: GitHub example configuration