Use open source securely

Stay safe by automatically managing the risks
of using open source in your software

How do you manage your dependencies?

Average amount of dependencies

On average, developers in 2019 use several hundred open source/third party components when creating software.

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New vulnerabilities each day

According to NVD, there are more than 125 000 vulnerabilities in total. At least 50 are discovered and disclosed per day.

Our solution

We provide a SaaS tool in which our algorithms constantly analyse your software to identify vulnerabilities in your imported code. The tool alerts you of risks so that you can
address them before they are exploited.


We gather and refine the latest information on open source vulnerabilities from various


We integrate with your CI/CD environment, matching your dependencies with our 
vulnerability database.


We make the data actionable – automatically create issues and detailed reports.

Our clients

Driving security for leading brands


Most frequent questions and answers

Today we work with GitHub, Gitlab and BitBucket Pipelines. Shortly we will also support Microsofts Azure Dev Pipeline. Additionally, we provide a CLI tool for easy integration of any CI environment and an API for advanced use cases.

No, we only need access to your .lock files created by your package managers, to get information about which dependencies you use. You do not need to upload your whole codebase to us.

We emerged from a research project at Lund University, through which we leveraged data science to create faster and more reliable data on vulnerabilities. Together with a unique way of visualising the data, it makes us a competitive alternative to other solutions.

We are still experimenting with our business model. But we are in-line with other vendors in this field. Contact sales for a tailored offer.

Yes, several of our first customers are larger customers. We provide on-premise hosting with enterprise-grade SLAs together with our partners.