Venture safely through the open source universe

Take full control of security, compliance and health with a toolkit that will revolutionize the way you use open source.

illustration spaceship planets debricked
illustration spaceship planets debricked

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A beloved companion to



Tools that facilitate your adventure

Easily automate open source security, compliance and community processes. Spend less time on solving security and compliance issues and more on writing code.


Security vulnerabilities

Continuously and automatically identify, fix and prevent vulnerabilities in open source dependencies. Scan at every commit and get notified when new vulnerabilities appear


License Compliance

Ensure and maintain open source compliance with automated and enforceable pipeline rules. Calculate risk levels for your repositories based on intended use.


Community Health

Evaluate and compare open source dependencies before intake to ensure high quality. Monitor projects over time, get community insights and identify potential risks.


A trusted companion

Loads of projects and companies choose debricked to accompany them on their open source journey, here’s why:

Data quality

Our product is based on state of the art machine learning, meaning the results we deliver are more precise than most other tools.

Always growing

Doing things the traditional way is not our style. We’re always trying to come up with new solutions and think outside the box.

A holistic view

Looking at using open source in commercial development, we like to take an end to end approach. Debricked is with you all the way - from intake to deployment.

User friendly

Our goal has always been to create a world class user experience for every type of user; from manager to developer.


Language support and integrations

language icon language icon language icon language icon language icon language icon language icon language icon language icon language icon language icon language icon Supported integrations

Your journey begins here

With just a few clicks you can get full access to the debricked toolkit. Integrate and get your first results within minutes



Tools for teams that aim for the stars

The Debricked toolkit makes open source management an easy task for every user.


An engineer’s dream

Enable your developers by making vulnerability management, license compliance and choosing new components smooth sailing.

The analyst’s heaven

With a precision of over 90% in supported languages, navigating the open source universe becomes an easy task.

A captain’s bridge

Keep track of progress with dynamic dashboards and exportable reports. Set enforceable CI rules to keep your crew on track toward the stars.


Tools for teams of all sizes

SCA Tool

Identify, manage, and fix vulnerabilities in open source dependencies used in your applications.


Everything a small crew needs to start their journey

Free forever

Free includes:

  • Vulnerability Management

  • License Management

  • Project Health

1000 scans first month

When signing up, you get 1000 initial scan credits to use until they run out. 100 scans added monthly

For teams that break new ground venturing into the open source universe

per contributing developer /month
Contributing developer = someone who has made a commit to a repository within the last 90 days.
$275 billed annually

Same as free, plus:

  • Vulnerability report

  • License report

  • API access

    Rate limit: 5000 requests/hour/contributing developer
  • Chat and email support

Unlimited scans


The optimized experience for enterprise voyagers

Starting from $30/contributing developer/month
$360 billed annually

Same as premium, plus:

  • Enterprise level support

  • SBOM export

  • Enterprise SSO

  • Increased computation

Unlimited API access

illustration spaceship planets debricked


Explore, compare and evaluate open source dependencies before selecting what to bring into your codebase.

Select Free

The fundamental toolbox for all open source users

Free forever

Free includes:

  • Unlimited access to our database of +40mln open source projects

  • Filter and compare projects

Select Enterprise

The full experience. Maximized use of the tool for specialists

per contributing developer / billed annually
Billed annually

Same as free, plus:

  • Start left policies

  • Unlimited API access