# License View

The license view shows you all licenses in the repositories that you have integrated with Debricked.

License overview

The licenses are listed in alphabetical order. Besides the name of the licenses you see the following columns:

  • Risk - The six colored dots are risk levels, which correspond to the use case chosen for the specific repository in combination with the license details. For example, a repository that is only meant for internal use may not be affected by the same licenses as a commercially distributed repo.
  • Affected repositories - The affected repositories column shows you which repositories the license i question can be found in.
  • Dependencies - The dependencies column demonstrates how many dependencies are affected by said license.
  • License family - Finally, in the license family column you see which family, or type, the license in question belongs to.

# Risk details

To grade the potential compliance risks involved with a license we use a kind of a traffic-light grading system. Though, it is important to note that the color grading represents the estimated amount and complexity of the compliance concerns, not that some licenses are riskier than others. If you understand all the compliance requirements of a license and are able to fulfill those then the license is practically risk free regardless of the grading. The grading system is defined as follows.

License risks

Read more about risk details here (opens new window).

# Configure use cases

The first time you visit the license view, you'll notice that all repositories will be set to "unkown" in the risk column.

License default

This is because you have not yet configured any use cases for your repositories. To do this, go to "Manage"->"Repositories and Commits". Under the column "Use case" you can click and select a use case for the specific repository. The license view will then be updated accordingly.

License use case

Read more about use cases here (opens new window)

# License details

When clicking a license, you enter a different view where all repositories with said license are displayed. You also see the risk associated with said license within all affected repositories, as well as how many dependencies are affected.

License details

Read more about license details here (opens new window)

# Repository details

By clicking a repository, you can get even more information regarding both licenses and vulnerabilities.

License repo details