The importance of protecting your source code and how Debricked can help

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by Damian Pupczyk
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The importance of protecting your source code and how Debricked can help

The use of open source continues to increase over the years, but many companies have a business model where much of the intellectual property resides in the actual software and its source code. For all software companies creating proprietary technology, your source code is your most valuable asset.

Whether stolen, leaked, or exposed, the code might give hackers the means to exploit your vulnerabilities or extract user data. On the other end, code leaks can also give your competitors an unfair advantage in developing their new products.

Even though most tech companies constantly strive to protect their code bases, in recent years, there have been numerous incidents of businesses and even governments becoming targets of ransomware attacks. This includes high-profile companies, such as Twitter (that had its code leaked this year), Microsoft (allegedly leaked by the hacking group Lapsus$ in 2022), and Google (which got its code stolen by a former employee sentenced in 2020).

Keeping your code close

That’s why protecting that foundation should be your number one priority. Keeping your source code confidential can provide a number of advantages to your business. First and foremost, it ensures that your intellectual property remains your own, allowing you to safeguard any competitive advantage that relies on the code being proprietary.

Additionally, by not sharing your code with third parties, you reduce the attack surface that your code is exposed to, minimizing the risk of security breaches. This also eliminates the need for legal documentation that controls what other parties can do with your source code. Finally, not sharing your source code can help you avoid issues with legal regulations, such as GDPR, in case the codebase or related files contain personally identifiable information.

The days of exposing your source code are over

When it comes to Software Composition Analysis, some package managers do not have native support for maintaining lock files with complete information on dependency versions and relations. In a lot of cases, it means that you would have to give access to your source code to a third-party SCA tool.

This is where Debricked comes in! With High Performance Scans, you can generate Debricked lock files on your end without us having to handle any of your source code. This approach enables us to parse more accurate dependency results and obtain the relations of private dependencies without accessing anything other than the dependency files to scan your repository.

The High Performance Scanning is highly customizable, allowing you to set it up to run in conjunction with a scan or in any other part of your pipeline. We’re merely scratching the surface of Debricked’s potential in open source security. To learn more about this solution and Debricked, have a look at our documentation.