Product Updates Q2 2022: Taming the tech debt devil

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by Felix Kruuse
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Product Updates Q2 2022: Taming the tech debt devil

If any of you are working as PM, at one point or another, you’re likely to have engaged in making a deal with the devil. It’d probably look something like this, “sure we have some technical debt that we need to pay off; let’s just build these features first, and then we’ll get back to it”. 

I’ll have to come clean. I am guilty of making that deal every once in a while, which, inevitably, results in debt accruing. But you live, you learn and you grow. This past quarter was such a time.

One of the many perks of getting through such purging periods is clarity. Everything feels crisper, more refined and agile, but at the same time, more robust. This is the feeling that defined Q2 for me – a sense of calmness that only comes once everything runs so smoothly.

So what has improved?

A lot, but let’s go with the TL;DR version:

Now we have even fewer false positives than before (< 5% in most supported languages), and we have also sped up the dashboard view and increased the success rate of our Pull Requests. On top of that, our scans are at full blast and more robust. This has, in turn, boosted the uptime of Fun fact, on average, we scan 100 000 customer dependency files a day. This, surely, feels good.😎

Any new features?

Yes! A few, actually!

Invite users

We rehauled the way you invite users. Now you simply add the email address of the people you want to invite, set their user role and click “Send invites”. Those lucky people will then get an email with a link to signup, where they create their password – and they’re in!

Our new beautiful Invite users modal

Improved upgrade to a premium experience

I have a confession… we are a for-profit business and sell our tool😱. I know.

The good news is that it’s now a lot easier to upgrade your account to premium and understand exactly what is in it for you!

It’s now super easy to upgrade your account to premium

Improved integration and new integration options

Our integration with Azure DevOps has been improved to utilize our source-codeless scanning technology. This allows you to get the best data quality without needing to send your source code to us. Convenient, right?

We’ve also added support for Argo Workflows. Simply put, now anyone using Argo Workflows can integrate to Debricked to secure their open source usage. The Argo Workflows integration supports our source-codeless scanning technology out of the box.

What’s next?

With this renewed sense of clarity and calm, we are taking sight of one of the most important goals our users typically have – solving vulnerabilities. 

Many people would say that fixing vulnerabilities can be a cumbersome task. It’s especially time-consuming when looking for the right version that is compatible with your other dependencies while not introducing too many breaking changes. But we honestly don’t think that it has to be.

There are big improvements in this area in the works and I can’t wait to share more. So stay tuned!