Debricked’s Podcast Appearances: Check Them Out Here


Every once in a while we are lucky enough to have someone from Debricked visit a podcast. So, if you’ve ever wanted to hear us speak about security, open source, cool hacks or anything related; this is where you’ll find it!

Our podcast appearances

To make sure these appearances don’t go unnoticed, we’ve decided to collect them all right here.

John L. Whiteman welcomed our security expert Linus Karlsson to talk about handling vulnerabilities in open source. Topics covered are whether open source is more secure than proprietary code, best practices for vulnerability management and security research.

Our CEO and co-founder Daniel Wisenhoff visited Orange Cyberdefense hosted by Rolf Rosenvinge and talked about security tooling and tech entrepreneurship. Cyber Talks is a podcast by TietoEvry with the purpose to discuss challenges faced by modern CISO:s.

Karl Emil Nikka was kind enough to let Linus Karlsson pay a visit and talk about the differences in security between open source and closed source, or proprietary code. Bli Säker-podden is a podcast produced by Nikka Systems and Bredband2, and the hosts Karl Emil and Tess talk about anything and everything security related.

This time Linus Karlsson visited It-säkerhetspodden to talk about real life cases where people became victims of not keeping track of their open source.

Emil Wåreus is once again back with It-säkerhetspodden to talk about managing risks when using a lot of open source.

Emil Wåreus visited It-säkerhetspodden to talk about machine learning within open source. In this episode, Emil talks a little about the algorithms that lay the foundation for or tool.

Emil WÃ¥reus visited Dataspaning to talk about security regarding open source and third party libraries.

Do you have a podcast in mind that we should appear on? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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