Debricked made free for Open Source maintainers

Debricked makes their open source security tool free for all oss maintainers
Debricked makes their open source security tool free for all oss maintainers

We are passionate about making open source more available and secure and strive toward having a good relationship and collaboration with the open source community. 

Since way back we have had the ambition to make the Debricked tool free for all open source maintainers to use and now the time has finally come to do just that.  

“As we are building a tool which enables use of open source, it feels natural to let the OSS community benefit from the tool for free. In combination with upcoming features encouraging companies to contribute back to projects that they use, we hope to contribute to an even brighter future for open source.“, says Oscar Reimer, CTO of Debricked.

What does the Debricked tool do?

Our tool seamlessly integrates with your everyday workflow and allows you to automatically track and manage vulnerabilities in open source. You can scan whole repositories, search for vulnerabilities or have the tool suggest fixes for security flaws.

Why did we make it free? 

We want to simplify the management of open source vulnerabilities, and not just for commercial users. The open source community is a big part of taking our vision to the next level and we believe that openness is the only way to go forward.

How do I get it?

Start you trial or send an email to and we’ll help you get unlimited access.

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