Debricked Tool Now Supports C# Scans

After a lot of development we are happy to launch support of C# scans in the Debricked tool!

What is included in the update?

The current version supports the following dependency file formats:

  • .csproj
  • packages.lock.json
  • Paket.lock
  • packages.config

We support both direct and indirect dependencies for all file formats except for package.config, which only supports direct dependencies. For more details, please visit our C# documentation.

How can I try it out?

Connect Debricked to a repository containing at least one of the supported file formats, push a commit and the scan will start!

What’s next?

In the next couple of weeks, we’ll continue to focus on getting our C# support razor sharp. Our tests indicate that we, at the time of writing this, have a precision* of 83,3% – we’ll push that to 90% and beyond. Fast.

Update 2020-11-17: The precision is now at 93,5%

*Precision is measured by dividing the total amount of true positive results with the total amount of results.

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