November 2018


Debricked has received 800.000 SEK from Vinnova for building a prototype that will improve management and understanding of vulnerabilities in third party code. The prototype will use Debricked’s vulnerability database, extend it and provide value creation in several important aspects. Some examples include visualization and comparison of a large number of products and releases, analysis of device configuration, and APIs for collecting device information. In addition to this, Debricked will also participate in HATCH, a Lund University project that aims to better understand how vulnerability information is communicated in the value chain.

Debricked AB is a spin off company from a research project coordinated by Lund University, Sweden. The project’s main goal was to develop, implement and evaluate processes and tools for handling vulnerabilities in third party software components. This is related to the well known area of software component analysis (SCA). Debricked takes some of the research results, extends and improves them, and offers them to the market. Security is not a tool or a practice that can be applied once with the hope of solving all past, current, and future problems. Debricked strongly believes that secure products can only be acheived by increasing awareness in all parts of an organizations, have well defined policies and activites for working with security, and on top of that have tools that are used to make the security process more efficient, accurate, and complete. Many companies are today left with the option to use…