Your compliance struggles end here

Automate your license compliance processes with customizable intake rules. You don’t have to become a compliance expert - leave that to us.

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Always ready for launch

Don’t let license issues stop you and your team from reaching the stars.

Automate intake control

Stop non compliant components from entering your codebase by enabling automated intake rules.

Understand risk

Let us evaluate your risk level for you by simply setting an intended use case for your repositories.

Report and analyse

Easily export a license report to share with relevant stakeholders and keep track of your compliance progress over time.

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Learn more about managing licenses with Debricked

Evaluating risk levels by setting a use case

Letting us in on how you intend to use your repo’s allows us to calculate which licenses are safe to use and which might cause you trouble.

Achieving compliance through automation

Set rules that automatically keep non compliant licenses out of your codebase.

Exporting a license report

Let relevant stakeholders get an easy overview of the state of compliance. Export a report over all licenses in your account and send it to anyone.

Compliance is within your reach

With just a few clicks you can get access to the debricked toolkit. Integrate and take your first step toward full compliance.


Some reading during your adventure

In the debricked blog we cover news, best practices, product updates and the latest findings from our research.

What are open source license families? by Debricked

What are open source license families?

Licenses, as written by man and with different objectives in mind, are by their nature gradual in the restrictions they require for the use of open source software.

Comply with the SBOM requirements by Debricked

Comply with the SBOM requirements

With the new cybersecurity executive order, Biden is raising the bar for security in products purchased by the U.S. Government.

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