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Compare and evaluate open source dependencies before selecting what to bring into your codebase.

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Curate a healthy, high quality codebase

Project health is an important aspect to consider when selecting dependencies. Help your developers make informed decisions and import open source that benefits your organisation.


Search and find

Search for packages, projects or functionalities and get all relevant information presented in one place.


Put projects side by side and gain insight into strengths and weaknesses. Compare aspects such as security, contributor commitment and popularity.


Browse or search for open source projects and use Debricked's solution to determine their quality and state.


Keep track of projects already in use and get alerted in case of deterioration or trend changes.

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Communities are core

The community is the heart of an open source project - health is vital.

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Contributors are the ones with the power to make a project thrive - or die. Make sure to choose projects that are on the rising, not decaying.

Security practices

Processes and habits are what determines the security of a project - and in turn the security of your product. Pick a project that cares.


A project used and loved by many is more likely to survive - and excel. Don’t just pick an option that works, pick one that your developes will love.


A healthy codebase is just a click away

Getting started with the debricked toolkit is incredibly simple. Integrate and get your first results within minutes.


Useful resources

Learn more about best practices, new findings and industry news.

What is open source health by Debricked

What is open source health?

Debricked is approaching the question of how to score and determine the health of open source in a new data driven and quantitative way.

Introducing Open Source Select by Debricked

Introducing Open Source Select

Let us introduce Debricked’s Open Source Select – the new way of searching for, evaluating and comparing open source.

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