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We are developing one integrated platform for automating your cybersecurity needs. Based on research from Lund University, we provide a modular user-friendly all-in-one solution with constant addition of new features for maximum flexibility.

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What are we offering?

We provide one tool for security in your software/application development. This includes components such as analysis of open source dependencies and vulnerabilities, dynamic testing & automated penetration testing. It also incluides static analysis (automated code review) for bugs and potential vulnerabilities in your own developed code.

What do these concepts mean? Learn more…

  • Cloud-hosted
  • On-site hosting
  • CI/CD integrations
  • Modular architecture
  • AI engine
  • Frequent updates & new features
  • Extensions
  • Extensive knowledge base & how-tos

What makes us stand out?

Most companies today work with several free tools of low quality, time consuming in-house developed tools. They hire cybersecurity consultants or buy several expensive enterprise tools with old fashioned operating models.

We are a research-based company, founded in Sweden with a Scandinavian approach to how we conduct business. We combine this with deep-tech such as AI (artificial intelligence) & ML (machine learning) to automate and create stellar performance in our products.

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You can enable or disable extensions however you like - pay only for what you need.

Manage your open source components & dependencies

In 2018 approximately 18 000 new vulnerabilities will have been discovered. We help you understand which dependencies/open source components you use, what version and if they are vulnerable. We also provide advanced filtering and visualisation of your product portfolio and integrations to common developer tools.

Don't risk getting sued

When using open-source components / dependencies you always are at the mercy of the licenses associated with the components. Some open source, demand your product to also be open source if you use them. We help you keep track of the licenses so that you do not risk legal consequences. This is especially relevant for companies raising funding, M&A's or other situations where a due dilligence is performed.

Automated penetration testing - advanced edition

Instead of doing irregular, expensive penetration testing projects, we help you automate the process as much as possible. Penetration testing is made on deployed products or services often as a last test and hardening.

Frequently asked questions

To access and use the services, either register for a free trial or use the contact form.

01. Do you work with network security?

No, our products are intended to be used in R&D and in maintenance of your software and products. We do not work with vulnerabilities on your corporate network.

02. How do I get started with your tools?

Register for a trial or contact us. Thereafter you configure an API or use our pre-made integrations to the most common tools. You can be up and running in less than a coffee break!

03. We are a large company - can you help us?

Yes, we provide an enterprise tier for large organizations (500+ developers). To further support you we have training and education as well as highly specialised consultants that can help you in larger projects.

04. We are a start-up - can you help us?

Yes, we have a trial and start-up tier which is affordable for start-ups. You can continue to use our tool when your company grows and needs more features.

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