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Meet: The Developer

For me as a developer it is important to get security feedback immediately when I push code. If the code I have pushed contains vulnerabilities, I also want to know how I should solve the problem as soon as possible without delaying the overall development.

Emil Jakobsson

Back-End Developer

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For Devs

Instant feedback in ci/Cd

Thanks to our CI/CD integrations, developers do not need to build new habits. They can get feedback on their code instantly when it is pushed.

get the right information

Get the information you need about your vulnerabilities to make informed decisions on how to fix them.

solve issues

Do not break your team's workflow. Debricked can create issues directly in your ticket/issue systems so that you do not have to think about it.

Meet: The Security Expert

As a security lead I want to be on top of our software security. A part of this is working with our dependencies. I want to be able to get an overview of what we currently use, set policies on what we introduce and finally track the progress of how we work with vulnerabilities.

Martin Bergkvist

Security Lead

For Experts

Company wide policies

Create policies in your CI/CD to prevent vulnerabilities in your deployed software.

automatic issues

Create and assign issues to the right teams based on automatic policies.

get the best data

Use our refined data on vulnerabilities not available through public sources to be sure you do not miss anything.

track & report

Track if issues are solved and create reports for your managers to show progress and highlight areas for improvement.

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Meet: The Manager

As a CTO I want to be sure that the software we create is safe to use, both for us and our customers. Since dependencies make up more than 50% of our total codebase I want to be sure that my security leads and developers have the tools to reach our goal of zero vulnerabilities.

Hugo Stein


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For Managers

Security overview

Get overview of your products and teams.

track kpis and vulnerable exposure

Track the total amount of vulnerabilities, time to fix and other KPIs for team evaluation.