Choose the right open source from the start

Make better open source decisions with the data of +40 million open source projects at your fingertips. Automate intake management, approval, and policy compliance at scale.

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Open Source Select

Find, compare and evaluate open source packages and projects based on security, license and project health data allowing seamless integration with any open source intake process.

Over 40 million projects indexed

Security, license and health metrics

Automated open source selection and intake management at scale



Don’t start over - just start left

Reduce open source intake risks and build friction-free software development with Start Left Policies. Developers are empowered to make informed choices and use policy compliant, healthy and secure packages right from the outset.


Set up a policy

Create an automation policy that triggers depending on the criteria of your choice, e.g. CVSS scores, licence family, or health metrics.


Browse or search for open source projects in our database of +40 million packages.


Instantly determine whether a project is compliant with your policies, before adding it to your codebase.

illustration android hand showing simplified service ui debricked
illustration android hand showing simplified service ui debricked


Automated policy compliance

Finding open source that complies with company policy takes time. Set your policies in Open Source Select and let developers immediately see what projects would pass or fail.

Open Source Security

Find out if a project has unresolved vulnerabilities, how well they handle their own security practices and how long fixing a vulnerability takes on average.

Open Source Compliance

Stay compliant with your internal policies. Evaluate projects based on their licences and how they allign with your organization's strategy.

Community Health

Avoid declining communities and dead projects. Find popular projects with a diverse set of maintainers that has a high chance of longevity.

Project Popularity

Find projects with high interest from both developers and users alike, pointing towards higher viability and continued development.


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The fundamental toolbox for all open source users

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Free includes:

  • Unlimited access to our database of +40mln open source projects

  • Filter and compare projects

Select Enterprise

The full experience. Maximized use of the tool for specialists

per contributing developer / billed annually
Billed annually

Same as free, plus:

  • Start left policies

  • Unlimited API access



Useful resources

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