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How it works

Data Collection

Our algorithms collect information about vulnerabilities.

Data Processing

We process and integrate this with data about your software

Making it Actionable

We present the resulting information about vulnerabilities affecting you.

Our power is data

We work with cutting edge algorithms to bring you the best information about your vulnerabilities.


All you need in one place

For Developers

As a developer you want to know that you are not importing vulnerable components when you write your software. And if you happen to do so, you want to know how to fix it.

For Security Leads

As a security lead you want to keep track of the work with vulnerabilities in your organization as well as assign and create issues.

For Managers

As a manager you want to make sure that the product you are developing is safe to use for you and your customers.

Some features

For Developers

Get notifications on the code you manage and see the status as you commit new code.

For Security Leads

View all vulnerabilities in all projects and assign them to team members.

For Managers

Monitor your vulnerability work


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