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SCA Tool

Identify, manage, and fix vulnerabilities in open source dependencies used in your applications.


Everything a small crew needs to start their journey

Free forever

Free includes:

  • Vulnerability Management

  • License Management

  • Project Health

1000 scans first month

When signing up, you get 1000 initial scan credits to use until they run out. 100 scans added monthly

For teams that break new ground venturing into the open source universe

per contributing developer /month
Contributing developer = someone who has made a commit to a repository within the last 90 days.
$275 billed annually

Same as free, plus:

  • Vulnerability report

  • License report

  • API access

    Rate limit: 5000 requests/hour/contributing developer
  • Chat and email support

Unlimited scans


The optimized experience for enterprise voyagers

Starting from $30/contributing developer/month
$360 billed annually

Same as premium, plus:

  • Enterprise level support

  • SBOM export

  • Enterprise SSO

  • Increased computation

Unlimited API access

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Explore, compare and evaluate open source dependencies before selecting what to bring into your codebase.

Select Free

The fundamental toolbox for all open source users

Free forever

Free includes:

  • Unlimited access to our database of +40mln open source projects

  • Filter and compare projects

Select Enterprise

The full experience. Maximized use of the tool for specialists

per contributing developer / billed annually
Billed annually

Same as free, plus:

  • Start left policies

  • Unlimited API access

Unlock Resources with Automated Open-Source Discovery and Intake - Forrester Consulting study

commissioned by Debricked by OpenText, 2024


A beloved companion to

Compare plans

Software composition analysis

Pricing FAQ

Is the starter kit really free?

Yes, as long as you can manage with 100 scans / month, it’s 100% free. No credit card information needed.

What is Enterprise Support?

With Enterprise Support you and your team will get help with onboarding, round the clock support and guidance on best practices.

How do I learn about updates?

Whenever there’s an update or a new feature, we’ll both send you an email and make it known in the tool.

Are updates automatic?

Yes, all new features and updates will automatically appear in the UI.

How does API access work?

All users with the role admin have access to our open API, which lets you upload dependency files. This is also the API used by Debricked CLI.Read more about rate limits.

Are you ISO certified? Do you have SOC1 and SOC2?

Debricked is certified according to ISO 27001, and we have a SOC 2 Type II report. This serves as evidence that we comply with the stringent security requirements.

Any questions left unanswered?

Have a chat with one of our humans!

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What’s new?

We continuously release new features and updates.

Role-Based Access Control

RBAC allows you to grant and enforce access to functionalities and integrated repositories by assigning pre-defined roles to user.

Select Browser Extension

Find and use the right open source with the help of out free plugin that enables you to inspect the health metrics and license information of an open source project without ever leaving the page.

C# Root fixes

C# is joining the list of languages supported for Root Fixes! This includes NuGet with .csproj and packages.lock.json files.

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