Open source security

We provide a SaaS tool in which our algorithms constantly analyse your software to identify vulnerabilities in your imported code. The tool alerts you of risks so that you can address them before they are exploited.



Continuously check your vulnerability status for any commit or pull request by using our integrations to your favourite CI/CD environment.

Issue tracking

Automatically create issues in issue tracking tools such as Jira, whenever a vulnerability which matches your policies appears.


Product overview

Get a complete picture of your company's vulnerability exposure and license risks.


Get insight into your repositories current vulnerability status and how it has evolved over time. Visualise the vulnerability status for each commit and dependency.


Get an overview of your vulnerabilities for a specific repository, commit or dependency.


See a list of the third party components you use and their transitive dependencies. Discover potential license policy violations and your most vulnerable components.


DebAI priority

Our intelligent DebAI helps you prioritise which vulnerabilities to tackle first based on your needs and requirements.

Take Action


Quickly and easily analyse individual vulnerabilities in our user interface. Get the information you need to solve the issue.

Assign & create issues

Assign and create issues for your team members so they can start taking action, whether that means further analysis or remediating the vulnerability.


Solve the vulnerability by updating to a version recommended by Debricked or by removing the vulnerable component.


Generate a report for any view

Easily generate a handy report by a click of a button from any view.

Retrieve KPIs

Easily retrieve important KPIs such as your vulnerability history, aggregated vulnerability exposure and much more.