Open source security

Automate the process of managing vulnerabilities in open source packages. Integrate with your CI to continuously identify, prevent and fix vulnerabilities – smoothly and efficiently.


Open Source Security Tool

Identify and Monitor

• Scan for vulnerabilities every commit
• Visualize your vulnerability status
for each dependency and repository


• Automated pull requests for your vulnerabilites
• Vulnerability prioritization


• Enforceable CI rules for intake of packages

Open Source Security made simple

Quick start

Integrate seamlessly, start a scan and receive your first result within minutes.

Easy reporting

Keep track of your progress in reducing the amount of vulnerabilities in your codebase.

Developer freedom

Enforceable CI rules allow for freedom within set policy.


Why Debricked?

A Holistic Solution

Vulnerabilities isn't the whole story - there's so much more to using open source in a secure and efficient way.

A New Take

We are driven by the thrill of finding new, better ways to solve existing problems.

Outstanding UX

Our goal has always been to make our tool enjoyable for every type of user; from manager to developer.

Language support

We support a wide range of programming languages and related dependency/package managers.