Open Source Health​


Make informed decisions when choosing which open source libraries to use in your development. Monitor projects to evaluate health over time.


A new way of choosing Open Source packages


Browse or search for open source projects and use Debricked's solution to determine its state.


Put projects side by side and gain insight into strengths and weaknesses. Compare aspects such as security, contributor commitment and popularity.


Keep track of projects already in use and get alerted in case of deterioration or trend changes.

What do we mean by Open Source Health?

Open source intake is often done without sufficient research, and the choice of package is often based on functionality rather than quality or health.

Debricked’s data scientists started thinking about a way of creating quantitative metrics to measure relative qualities, and voilá; Open Source Health was born.

Curious? Read more about Open Source Health here or schedule a call with us below, we’re happy to show it!


Why Debricked?

A Holistic Solution

Vulnerabilities isn't the whole story - there's so much more to using open source in a secure and efficient way.

A New Take

We are driven by the thrill of finding new, better ways to solve existing problems.

Outstanding UX

Our goal has always been to make our tool enjoyable for every type of user; from manager to developer.

Language support

We support a wide range of programming languages and related dependency/package managers.