Open Source License Compliance

Get a complete overview of all open source licenses in your dependencies. Integrate seamlessly and make sure you’re compliant as well as free of risk.


Debricked License Compliance Tool

Complete transparency

Identify open source licenses and get risk level evaluation.

Intake control

Find out if you're non compliant and keep unwanted licenses out with enforceable CI rules.

Advanced identification

Detect and analyse licenses on component, file and snippet level.

Open Source Compliance made easy

Hands Off

Set policies for your developers to work freely within. Avoid manual intervention and enjoy a smoother workflow.

Quick Start

Integrate your repositories and receive your very first results within minutes.

Analyse and Report

Create nice looking, easy to understand reports, graphs and lists.


Why Debricked?

A Holistic Solution

Vulnerabilities isn't the whole story - there's so much more to using open source in a secure and efficient way.

A New Take

We are driven by the thrill of finding new, better ways to solve existing problems.

Outstanding UX

Our goal has always been to make our tool enjoyable for every type of user; from manager to developer.