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Supported Linux Package Managers

Apart from the various package managers used when coding we also support package managers for various Linux distributions, which makes it possible for you to find and monitor potential vulnerabilities of your server or Docker container.

To start tracking your server/Docker vulnerabilities you need to do a couple of things:

  1. Execute your package manager(s) list command and redirect the output to a text file:
Distribution/Package manager Command
Debian, Ubuntu and most derivatives apt list –installed
Alpine Linux, widely used by Docker containers apk list –installed
Snap, modern package manager supported on a wide range of dists snap list –color=never –unicode=never
Flatpack, similar to Snap flatpak list –app –runtime –system –user
Red Hat family of distributions rpm -qa
Arch pacman -Q

Example: apt list --installed > install_packages.txt

  1. You can now upload the outputted file(s) using our Manually creating a repository tutorial.
Updated on 2019-12-14

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