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Getting started


Welcome to Debricked! Most likely you are just browsing our documentation or you have just joined our awesome team of customers. In the following chapters we will teach you all you need to know to get up and running with debricked. If you encounter any problems along the way, do not hesitate to contact sales or support!

Obtaining log-in credentials

Your log-in credentials should be provided to you by one of our sales representatives. If you have not yet received it, contact Sales!

First time log-in on the cloud based version

Go to https://app.debricked.com and you will be redirected to the log-in page.

Log-in page

  • Here you will enter your username or e-mail that you have registered with us for your account. Also, enter the provided password.

  • Use the Remember me checkbox to save your credentials for faster log-in next time.

  • You must also accept our privacy policy, as well as our terms and conditions which have been sent to you when you registered.

  • If you have forgotten your password you may restore it by using the “I forgot my password” link.

Changing your password

Before you continue any further, you should change the password provided by us. We recommend using a password generator and manager such as KeePass for this task. To find the form, use the left-hand menu and click the “User Settings” menu item.


We strongly suggest that you use both uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols in your password of at least 16-character length.

Use the following prompt to change your password and save.

Change Password


You have now taken the first steps in using our open source vulnerability management (OSVM) tool. In the following chapters we will discuss amongst others things:

Need assistance?

Contact our support at sales@debricked.com

Updated on 2019-12-15

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