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Our 9 key features

These are the features displayed on our frontpage, but more elaborated upon. We believe these are some of the features most customers value.

Cloud based services

Our service is hosted in the cloud by us and is accessed through a web-interface. There are possibilities for on-site hosting, but only for enterprise clients.

Continuous Monitoring

In difference to manually keeping an eye on vulnerabilities our systems run 24/7/365. We update for new vulnerabilities every 15 minutes. Also, we have automated most information gathering processes with algorithms and AI so we are not dependent on a big in-house analyst team in comparison to some other competing solutions.

Advanced Prioritization of Threats

We have created and deployed an AI with complementing algorithms that creates a unique profile for every user/company. This profile is reinforced the longer you use our service. With it, we can help you prioritize the most critical vulnerabilities depending on variables such as attack vectors, availability of exploits etc.

Multiple Products & Projects

One of our key features is that we support (in the enterprise tier) an unlimited amount of projects, products and releases. Also, we visualize it beautifully with graphs, tables and a clear navigation structure. Perfect when you are managing many products and projects and want. And even more delightful for reporting Vulnerabilities and the status of different projects to managers and stakeholders.

Visualize all Releases

Especially with physical products, customers do not always run the latest version of your software. With us, you can see how vulnerabilities evolve over time. Then you can more clearly understand the security in your deployed software.

CI/CD & Ticket Integrations

Naturally, we want to be as close as possible to the developers environment. Therefore, we support numerous CI/CD and build tools. Also, we integrate with issue/ticket systems for notifications about vulnerabilities to different teams. For example, in large enterprise environments

Different User Access Levels

In larger organizations, you may not want single developers to be able to view the whole portfolio and all components and reports. Therefore we support different user access levels both in the interface, but also to our integrations. What team should get what notifications?

Comprehensive Documentation & Tutorials

We believe in transparency and ease of use. Therefore, you will find our open documentation great to cure your curiosity about our product. We also share our knowledge through video tutorials and other channels.

Personalization & Customization

Every organization and user is unique. Therefore we allow high levels of freedom. Such as tuning our AI filtering, widget based views, graphs and reports and even custom views. All are customizable on a organization and user basis with presets.

Some advantages in numbers with working with us


Our research concludes that to match our tools in an enterprise setting with manual labor would require at least 2-3000 hours of analyst work per customer.


Our AI and algorithms scan and map data continuously, sometimes enabling us to be several weeks ahead of public sources. Or, months when compared to manual reviews.


Trough our AI and advanced filtering options you only see what is relevant for you. We pair the official CVSS score with our custom debAI that helps you prioritize vulnerabilities according to your organizations unique profile. Therefore minimizing false-positives and noise.

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