# GitLab

With our CI integration to GitLab you can automatically upload your latest commits and pull requests to Debricked or whenever you run your pipeline. Just like our other CI integrations it just takes a few minutes to set up!

  • Configure your DEBRICKED_USERNAME (email) and DEBRICKED_PASSWORD variables by heading over to your repository -> Settings -> CI/CD and expand the "Variables" field, see below. Environment variables anim


Make sure to at least mask the password, so that it does not show in the logs.

  • Go to your repository and add the following to your .gitlab-ci.yml file (if the file doesn't exist, create one):
# Vulnerability scanning
    stage: test

        name: debricked/debricked-scan
        entrypoint: ["/gitlab-ci.sh"]

    script: echo "Done"

        USERNAME: $DEBRICKED_USERNAME # Your Debricked username
        PASSWORD: $DEBRICKED_PASSWORD # Your Debricked password
        # For all options, please check https://bitbucket.org/debricked/debricked-scan
  • Commit your changes to .gitlab-ci.yml and watch the CI run!

Tip Our GitLab integration support the same options as our Bitbucket integration, read more about the options here https://bitbucket.org/debricked/debricked-scan