# Bitbucket

With our CI integration to Bitbucket you can automatically upload your latest commits and pull requests to Debricked or whenever you run your pipeline. Just like with GitHub integration it just takes a few minutes to set up!

  • Start by heading over to our Bitbucket pipe (opens new window), it contains instructions on how to configure your Bitbucket pipeline to take advantage of Debricked’s pipe.
  • Go to your repository and configure your bitbucket-pipelines.yml file. If the file doesn't exist, create one. Bitbucket integration anim
  • Commit the changes to your bitbucket-pipelines.yml and watch the pipeline run! Example output: Bitbucket example run

For more information on Bitbucket Pipes, please visit https://bitbucket.org/product/features/pipelines. You can also take a look at our example repository (opens new window) which uses the Debricked pipe in the pipeline.