# User settings


This view will soon be replaced with an updated interface

# Change password

To change your password, do the following.

  • Under "Admin tools", click either "Service settings" or "Users"
  • In the administration panel to the left, click on "User settings"
  • Fill in your new password and your current one. Leave the "New password" field empty to not change
  • Click on the save button in the top right corner

Change password anim

# Change language

To change the language in the tool,

  • Go to the "User settings" view (see above)
  • Under the Language drop-down, you may select a prefered language, or chose by browser which sets the language according to your browser settings.
  • Click save in the top right corner

Change language

# Enable two factor authentication (2FA)

To enable 2FA, go to the "User settings" view (see above), and follow the instructions under the section "Two Factor Authentication".

# Notifications


This feature is currently not working.

To enable notifications when the tool has discovered new vulnerabilities above a specified severity, do the following.

  • In the User settings view (see above), click on the Notifications tab
  • Enable or disable notifications by clicking the checkbox
  • Specify a minimum CVSS severity, above which notifications will be sent
  • Click save in the top right corner

Enable notifications