# User management

# Adding users

To add a new user, do the following:

  • Click on "Users" under "Admin tools"
  • Enter your password to enter the administrative mode
  • Click on the plus sign named "New"
  • Fill out the email (username), name, password, and applicable roles, see "User Roles" below for details
  • Save and close


Make sure to inform the newly created user to change password immediately

Add user anim

# User roles

There are currently two roles assignable to a user:

# Users

This is a normal user without management rights. A user has the following rights:

  • Add / remove a repository
  • Create commits
  • Upload dependency files
  • Creating repository tags
  • With the "Access scope" checked, a user also has access to the open API

# Admin

Here, the user has admin rights which grants management rights, such as

  • Adding / removing users
  • Adding integrations to CI and ticket systems
  • Access to the open API

# Editing users

In the "Users" panel (see above), click the pen icon furthest to the right for the specific user to edit.

This shows the user information such as

  • Name
  • Email
  • Roles
  • Status

To temporarily deactivate a user account, change status from "Active" to "Deactivated". To completely remove the account, click "Delete user".