# C# - NuGet and Paket

We support tracking C# dependencies via NuGet, using .csproj, packages.lock.json or packages.config files, or by using Pakets paket.lock file.

Older NuGet projects typically contain a packages.config file and no further action is required. If you have a more modern NuGet project we recommend using the packages.lock.json instead. This file is not generated by default, instead you first have to enable repetable package restores (opens new window) and then commit the generated file. We also support the use of .csproj files, but the packages.lock.json file is still preferred, since it provides the most accurate tracking of dependency versions.

We will automatically scan these files for dependencies when you have done any of our integrations to your CI/CD pipeline.

# Supported features

Package Manager Security License Health

# Supported File Formats

Package Manager File Format Level of Support *
  • .csproj
  • package.lock.json
  • packages.config
  • 3
  • 3
  • 1
Paket paket.lock 2