# Manual upload

Here, we will show you how to work with manually uploaded dependency files.

# Upload dependency file

The first step is to upload a dependency file of a project that you want to scan. If the account is newly created, i.e., there is no data uploaded to our service and no integrations have been made, you should be presented with the following.

Onboarding manual upload

To upload a dependency file manually, click "manually upload".

In the "Dependencies files" menu, click choose file and select the dependency file you want to upload. If nothing else is changed, this will create a new repository for you and add a commit. If you already have a repository and want to add the dependency file to this, you may select your repo under "Apply to the following repository(ies)".

In this example, we assume that we have a Python app, with a single dependency, requests==2.19.1

Onboarding manual anim

After the upload has completed, wait for the tool to complete the analysis.

Onboarding manual done