# Manual upload


This feature is accessible only to account admins

If you want to get the most out of our tool, setting up an integration is the preferred way of working with your repositories.

However, if you want to test a specific dependency file for vulnerabilities, you can do so by manually uploading the file(s). Go to Repository Settings (opens new window). Click the "Manual scan" button in the top right corner. Either drag & drop your files into the designated area, or simply click the area to open a dialog box where you can select the files you want to scan.

Note that this action will create a repository named "firstname.lastname@domain.com - <date>", where date is e.g., 2021-12-24, and add this scan as a commit inside that repo.

Manual upload add dependency file

Once the scan is finished you will see the following.

Manual upload scan finished

Click "View results" to see all discovered vulnerabilities.