# Getting new scans

Here you find instruction on how to get more scans ones you have run out.

# Get more free scans

Free accounts are limited to a set amount of scans. Scans are added to your account on the following events:

  • On Account Creation: 1000 scans added to new accounts
  • On the 1st of every month: 100 scans are added to all free accounts on the 1st of every month

If you run out of scans before the 1st of the month, consider updating to our premium tier (opens new window) with unlimited scans.

Need more scans to be able to properly evaluate the tool? Please contact sales at sales@debricked.com and we'll help you out.

# Upgrade to premium

Premium accounts have no scan limitations and a range of other benefits (opens new window).

To upgrade you account to premium, click on "Upgrade to premium" in the left menu and follow the form. You'll need to specify amount of contributing developers which we define as the amount of developers contributing to the repos integrated to Debricked.