# Automation overview

In order to efficiently prevent vulnerabilities and unwanted licenses from entering your codebase you need to set up rules in our automations system. The rules can be enforced in your pipelines, failing them or showing warnings, or set to notify relevant people, minimizing the amount of vulnerabilities brought into your codebase.

# Short demo

For a brief overview of the tool, check out out demo video.

# Accessing global automations

You can access the global automations view by clicking on Automations (opens new window) in the left menu.

Global automations

In the automations view, to add a rules for repos, do:

  1. Add the repos you want to create a rule for. If left empty, the new rule will apply to all your repos.
  2. Click on the plus sign to create a rule (see automation examples for how to create different rules)
  3. You can now see the created rule and all repositories connected to that rule.

Automation global overview

# Accessing automations for specific repo

You can access automations for a specific repo by going to the global automations view and selecting a specific repo in the drop-down list.

Automation specific rule in global

You can also access automations inside a specific repository and clicking "Automate" in the top right corner. In this view you can also see how many rules are currently configured for the different repositories.

Data Management View

Select a repository which you want to create a rule for, in this case we choose Repo1 as an example. We have not previous rules setup, so the list is empty. To add a new automation rule, click the plus icon on the right.

Add new automation rule