Events with Debricked

Interested in more than a Saas tool? Book an event with Debricked that suits both developers and security professionals.

Capture the flag

We provide CTF events to raise security awareness and spark interest through friendly

Education & training

We hold seminars and training sessions on varying topics
within cyber security and
software security

Security management

We can help you benchmark your security efforts and perform penetration tests against different standards such as OWASP-Top 10

Capture the flag at Storytel

A Capture the flag event where professional development was mixed with playing games, targeting developers and security professionals.


OWASP Top 10 at Volvo

An event to educate developers, managers and designers about the consequences of the most common web application security weaknesses.  


Capture the flag with Elektra & D-Chip

A CTF aimed to raise security awareness, spark interest and encourage team building among students.