Automation Engine

Set rules for what is allowed into your codebase based on vulnerability, license or health data. Integrate with your CI and enjoy the freedom of automating your workflow.


Automate your Open Source Management

Protect your codebase

Catch vulnerable packages before entry.

Stay compliant

Keep non compliant licenses out.

Full freedom

Set customizable, automated policies for intake of open source dependencies.

Set enforceable automation rules


Set rules that trigger if, for example, a vulnerability is new and has a certain CVSS.


Enrich your rule by adding conditions and logical combinations.


Select an, or several, outcome(s) such as sending an email to a stakeholder, or failing the pipeline.


Why Debricked?

A Holistic Solution

Vulnerabilities isn't the whole story - there's so much more to using open source in a secure and efficient way.

A New Take

We are driven by the thrill of finding new, better ways to solve existing problems.

Outstanding UX

Our goal has always been to make our tool enjoyable for every type of user; from manager to developer.

Language support

We support a wide range of programming languages and related dependency/package managers.