Use open source securely

Stay safe by automatically managing the risks of using open source in your software

Our product

Identify open source vulnerabilities automatically 
and get instant fix advice.

Integrate to CI/CD

Integrate with your CI/CD environment, to match your dependencies with Debricked’s vulnerability database.

Scan for vulnerabilities

Your dependencies are automatically scanned at every push, to find out if you are exposed to any risks.

Visualise & fix

Gain insight into your risks and use our advice to quickly fix vulnerabilities.

Intro to Debricked

Watch the demo to find out how to identify and fix vulnerabilities in your open source. 

Language support

We support a wide range of programming languages and related dependency/package managers.

Security for all users


Get the right security feedback immediately when you push your code.

Security expert

Get an overview, set policies and track the security progress of all vulnerabilities.​


Make sure that the software you are creating is safe to use, both for your company and customers.


Easy plug and play into the most popular CI/CD environments and issue trackers.